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Register to Vote

Register to Vote


Obtaining a Voter Registration Card

A voter registration card can be obtained and completed at your county clerk's office or click here to download a Voter Registration Application in PDF format.  You must have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Option 1

Print out the form, fill out the voter registration card by hand, sign it, and mail to the State Board of Elections.

Option 2

Fill out the voter registration card using the computer, print out the form, sign it, and mail it to the State Board of Elections.


Instructions for completing a voter registration card:

If you choose option 2, it is very important to have your mouse cursor in the correct field in order to fill out the form. If you click any box by accident you can simply unclick it or click another box in that area to clear your mistake.

  • Answer Yes or No to questions A and B, located on the top of the voter registration card. If you answer no in response to either question, do not complete the voter registration card because you are not eligible to register to vote.
  • Click the appropriate reason box on the left side of the voter registration card that applies to your request: New registration, address change, party change, and name change.
  • Leave the following sections blank:  precinct code, precinct name, town, and other code. These sections are to be completed by your county clerk.
  • Fill out your correct Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Work Phone, Home Phone, Gender, Last Name, First Name, and Middle Name. If this applies to you, remember to indicate the correct suffix (Jr., Sr., II, III, etc.).  Your Social Security Number will not be released to the public.
  • Fill out your residential address where you live.
  • Fill out the address where you receive your mail if it is different from the residential address where you live.
  • Fill in one of the boxes to select a party registration (Democratic Party, Republican Party, and Other).
    • If you check “Other”, please type in the name of your chosen entity. You may choose, Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Reform, Socialist Workers, independent status, or something else of your choice.
    • If you choose “Other”, you are eligible to vote only for nonpartisan offices in any primary election. You may, however, vote for any candidate of your choice in all general and special elections.  Note: You may change your political party registration at any time on or before December 31st to remain eligible to vote in the following political party primary election.
  • Print the voter registration card. You will print the voter registration card and a mailing envelope template. These documents will print on two pages.
  • Read the voter declaration, sign, and date. If your signature is marked with an "X", you must have two witnesses sign your voter registration card.

Please review your completed application to ensure you have marked all appropriate boxes and filled in all information fields including signing and dating the voter declaration. If you fail to complete any part, your application to register to vote will be delayed.


Mailing your completed voter registration card:

  • Tape the blank side of the voter registration card to the blank side of the mailing envelope template and then fold it in half being sure to tape the edges to secure your information.


  • Simply insert the completed application into an envelope and mail to State Board of Elections, 140 Walnut Street Frankfort, KY 40601 OR your county clerk. Click here for a listing of county clerk addresses in Kentucky.

Once you are registered to vote, your county clerk will send you an acknowledgement card verifying your registration or informing you of a problem with your registration. This card will provide you with the information concerning your precinct location for Election Day.  Contact your county clerk if you do not receive notification within 2-3 weeks or, if it is close to the registration deadline, to check the status of your registration. You will not receive notification if you are moving within the same precinct or are only changing your political party affiliation.

You may also check your voter registration at any time with the State Board of Elections’  Voter Information Center.

Any citizen may inspect or make copies of any registration record, pursuant to KRS 116.095.  However, Social Security Numbers will not be disclosed.

If you have any questions about filling out the voter registration card, please contact your county clerk or the State Board of Elections.