Election Results

Election Results

Please click on the below link to access Election Results and Voter Registration Statistics for a given Primary or General Election.  Also, please note at the bottom of the page are results for Special Elections.

2010-2019 General and Primary Election Results


2000-2009 General and Primary Election Results


1990-1999 General and Primary Election Results


1980-1989 General and Primary Election Results


1973-1979 General and Primary Election Results



Special Elections


2016 Special Elections

1st Congressional Official Results

Results of the 8th, 54th, 62nd, and 98th State Representative races on ENR

8th Representative District Official Vote Totals

54th Representative District Official Vote Totals

62nd Representative District Official Vote Totals

98th Representative District Official Vote Totals


2015 Special Elections

27th State Senatorial Unofficial Results

2013 Special Elections

13th State Senatorial Official Results

7th State Representative Official Results

56th State Representative Official Results

52nd State Representative Official Results

2012 Special Elections

16th State Senatorial Official Results

4th Congressional Official Results

19th State Senatorial Official Results

2nd State Representative Official Results

53rd State Representative Official Results


Past Special Elections 

2011 Special


2010 Special


2009 Special


2008 Special


2006 Special


2005 Special


2004 Special


2004 Special Senate


2003 Special


2001 Special Senate


2001 Special House


1999 Special


1998 Special


1997 Special


1996 Special


1994 Special


1993 Special Senate


1993 Special House


1993 Judges General District


1993 Judges Primary District


1993 Judges General Commonwealth


1993 Judges Primary Commonwealth


1989 Special


1989 Judges General


1989 Judges Primary


1987 Special


1986 Special


1985 Judges General


1985 Judges Primary


1984 Special