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Request Voter Registration Data

​Qualified candidates, political parties, and committees which advocate for or against an amendment or public question are eligible to request voter information. Every request must be submitted to the State Board of Elections on the appropriate Form: SBE 84 Request for Voter Registration Data.

Please review the form to determine if you meet one of the qualifications. After completing the form, you can fax or mail the form to the State Board of Elections.

If you have any questions, please contact the State Board of Elections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I get a “Request For Voter Registration Data” form (SBE-84)?
A: At your County Clerk’s office and the State Board of Elections office. 

Q: What are precinct codes and how do I find what precinct codes I need to request?
A: Each precinct is assigned a code number and name.  Contact your County Clerk to learn what precinct code(s) you should be requesting.

Q: I have the name of the precinct(s) to order voter registration data. Will that be enough information to place my order?
A: No, you will have to have the precinct(s) code and you can obtain precinct(s) codes from your County Clerk (Example: A101, B101, C101).​

Q: What types of payment does State Board of Elections accept?
A:  The State Board of Elections takes the following type of payments:  debit/credit cards, electronic check, please
provide email address on second page “Special Request" area (a link will be emailed to you once your request has
been processed), mailed in checks or money orders made payable to the KY STATE TREASURER, UPS/COD with shipping cost and $11.50 COD charge, or you may pick up at the SBE office and pay then.

Q: How do I pay for labels if I do not know the number of labels and records?

A: Exact number of labels cannot be determined until the request for voter registration data has been completed.  It is recommended that no money be paid with initial request and an SBE employee will contact the requester by email if provided or telephone with the exact amount due.  There is a minimum charge of $30.00 for label orders.

Q: I just received a paper list, when looking at the list there is an age code, how do I know what the age code means?
A:  Age Code:
               Code 1 (17-24)
               Code 2 (25-34)
               Code 3 (35-49)
               Code 4 (50-61)
               Code 5 (62-Over)

Q: Why is it taking so long for me to receive my order by UPS/COD delivery?
A: UPS attempts three (3) deliveries at the shipping address and if no one is available for delivery and payment, the package is returned to State Board of Elections.  

Q: Why is it taking so long for me to receive my order that I faxed to State Board of Elections?
A: Too often faxed “Requests for Voter Registration Data” forms are not being received by State Board of Elections OR are being received by State Board of Elections but not legible; and therefore we cannot contact the requester.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions regarding a Request for Voter Registration Data?
A: Contact the State Board of Elections by calling Sheila R. Walker at 502-573-7100; or emailing sheila.walker at

Q: I am a concerned citizen. Can I order voter registration data?
A: No, a concerned citizen does not meet the requirements of 31 KAR 3:010.

Q: I am the treasurer for the candidate. Can I order Voter Registration Data for the candidate?
A: No, the candidate must be the Requester and the candidate must complete and sign the form; however the candidate can request it be mailed to his/her treasurer or picked up by someone else at State Board of Elections.

Q: Can I request telephone numbers on the voter registration data form?
A: No, we do not provide telephone numbers on the data.

Q: I placed my order five (5) days ago, but have not received it?
A: It takes 7 to 10 business days to process and then you need to allow a few days for delivery. Except for UPS/COD orders, payment is required prior to the shipping or pick up of order.

Q: When requesting voter registration data after a Special Election is the voter credit listed on the data?
A: No, we do not have voter credit on Special Elections, you would have to do an open records request to each county and request the precinct rosters from those counties that had the Special Election.

Q: Can I order just city voters and/or school board voters on a paper list?
A: No, the voter registration data will include all voters in the precinct.  However, you will be able to extract the CITY and SCHOOL BOARD voters if your county clerk utilizes and assigns identification for the "town" code for city voters and/or "other" code for school board voters in the statewide voter registration database.  Paper lists with "town" and "other" codes will ONLY include the voter's name, address, and if applicable the assigned "town" and/or "other" code. This will exclude the party, gender, age and the voting history data. You must contact your county clerk to get that precinct code.

Q: Can I order just city voters and/or certain school board voters in a split precinct on mailing labels?
A: No, you will receive all voters within that precinct or area.

Q: Why do I owe $40.00 if I purchased two precincts at a cost of $10.00 per precinct?
A: There is a minimum charge of $40.00 for all alphabetical, street order lists and electronic file.

Q: Can I make a request for only those voters that voted three out of five last elections?
A: Special requests ARE available for labels and/or electronic file, but ARE NOT available for paper lists.  To order special requests for labels and/or electronic file, simply note your specific request at page 2, “Special Request".   When ordering electronic file be sure to include an email address to send electronic file.  The order will be sent via secure email and you will have to set a user name and password. 

Q: Will you give me the instructions and software packages to get the electronic file to work for making lists, labels and spreadsheets?
A: The State Board of Elections provides the data formatted in the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) text file.  This general text format requires the requester to import the data into a variety of software packages.  The State Board of Elections does not endorse, sell, or provide instructions on any personal software packages.

Q: What would be the grand total for my order including shipping?
A: UPS/COD orders there is a shipping cost and a $11.50 COD charge, that will be included in your grand total to pay.  All others will be metered according to weight of package and that will be included in your grand total to pay. ​