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Election Day Information


Q: Where is my polling place?

A: You can find your polling place at

Q: Am I entitled to time off for voting on Election Day?

A: If you are working on Election Day, you may be entitled to a maximum of four consecutive hours off from work in order to vote or cast an absentee ballot if you make a request for time off with your employer.

Your employer may specify the hours you may take leave to cast a ballot.

Q: What identification can I bring to the polling place?

A: All voters must produce identification at the polling place.  Further information regarding valid forms of ID may be found at Voting In Kentucky - YouTube or Voter ID Requirements​​​

Q: What time are the polls open on Election Day?

A: Polls are open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM local time on Tuesday, November 5​, 2024. If you are in line at 6:00 PM, you will be allowed to vote.

Q: What time are the polls open on the days prior to Election Day?

A: Time polls are open during excused, in-person absentee and no-excuse in-person absentee is found on or contact your County Clerk's office.

Q: I registered to vote, but I did not receive a confirmation card.

A: Contact your County Clerk's office to find out the status of your address confirmation.

Q: Do I have to vote according to party affiliation?

A: Kentucky conducts political party primaries before each General Election. In Primary Elections, voters may only vote for candidates of their same political affiliation and non-partisan candidates. In General Elections, voters may choose to vote for candidates of any party. 

Q: How do I switch political parties?

A: You can change your political party at or by submitting an updated registration application to your county clerk.  You must change your party affiliation by December 31 for eligibility to vote in the Primary Election the following year.

Q: I will be out of town on Election Day. How can I vote?

A: You can request an absentee ballot by mail at Saturday, September 21​​, 2024 - Tuesday, October 22, 2024 at 11:59 PM, excused in-person Wednesday – Friday, October​ 23 - 25, 2024 and Monday –Wednesday, October 28 - October 30, 2024, or no excuse, in-person absentee on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, October 31 - November 2​, 2024​.​