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Voters with Disabilities

​​​​​Disability Voting Options​


  • Go to the Polls (Early In-Person Absentee OR Election Day)
    • ADA approved machines are available.
    • Assistance is available upon request to any voter.
    • You may bring someone with you to assist you OR request that Election Officers assist you.
      • You and the individual(s) providing assistance will be required to complete the Voter Assistance Form (SBE 31) before a ballot will be issued.

  • Mail-In Absentee Ballot
    • Visit​ or call your local County Clerk​ to request an absentee ballot. 
    • Your voted ballot must be returned to your local County Clerk's office by 6:00PM on Election Day.

  • Disability Absentee Portal
    • How to apply:
      • Contact your local County Clerk's office to request your Disability Absentee Portal absentee ballot.
    • How it works:
      • A voter will receive an absentee ballot notice via email.  The electronic ballot is accessed securely online and can be marked by the voter using a mouse, keyboard or compatible device.  The ballot can also be printed and marked with a pen or pencil.  Return envelopes are mailed to the voter that must be used to securely return the voted ballot. The ballot must be printed and returned to the County Clerk's office by 6:00PM Election Day.​