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Voter List Maintenance

​​​​​​​​​The State Board of Elections, in accordance with federal and state statutes regarding voter registration, maintains Kentucky's voter registration database. The agency takes active steps to remove from the database voters who have moved, died, been declared incompetent by a court, or convicted of a felony. Voters are not removed for simply not voting.

Since 2011, the State Board of Elections has properly removed nearly half a million voters.

Relevant Laws, Information and Documentation

Moved Out of State? 

Call the State Board of Elections at (502) 782-9502 to receive instructions on how to remove your Kentucky voter registration from our rolls.​

ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center)

2018 Voter Mailing
In an effort to ensure accurate records, the State Board of Elections in June 2018 sent an address verification mailing to voters who may have moved. Postcards were mailed to the addresses on file for approximately 600,000 registered voters - people who have not voted in the past four years nor made any updates or changes to their voter registration during the same time. 

Voters who received the card can still vote. If the State Board of Elections receives undeliverable cards from the mailing, another postcard will be mailed as required by law. If a voter does not respond to a second mailing, a waiting period of two federal elections begins to see if the voter casts a ballot or updates their information during that time.