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2020 General Election Summary

With COVID-19 still impacting all aspects of daily life, the manner in which Kentucky will conduct the 2020 general election has been altered in accordance with state law.  Below, you will find some of the key changes to the electoral process, as well as important dates to remember.

  • Anyone concerned with contracting or spreading COVID-19 can request a mail-in absentee ballot through the state's online request portal:
  • Voters have until 11:59PM ET, October 9 to request a mail-in absentee ballot, but are encouraged to request well before the deadline if they know they will be voting absentee.

  • All mail-in absentee ballots must be postmarked by Election Day, November 3, 2020 and received by 6:00PM, local time on November 6, 2020 to be counted.  Voters are highly encouraged not to wait until Election Day to return by mail or hand deliver their absentee ballot, cast your ballot as soon as you receive it. Do not Delay! 

  • Early in-person voting will take place beginning on October 13 and will include each of the three Saturdays leading up to November 3.  To find out when and where early voting will take place in their county, voters should visit the Secretary of State's website: To avoid large crowds, voters that know they wish to take advantage of early in-person voting are encouraged not to wait until November 2nd to cast their ballot. Voting Early is Voting Safe!

  • In-person voting on Election Day, November 3, will take place from 6:00AM to 6:00PM, local time.  To find out where to vote in-person on Election Day, voters should visit the Secretary of State's website:  To avoid large crowds, voters are encouraged to vote early, however, voters that still wish to vote on Election Day are encouraged to avoid peak times if possible (8:00-9:00, 12:00-1:00, 5:00-6:00).

    No matter how voters choose to cast their ballot, voting early is voting safe this election.

  • Last Day to register
    • October 5th by 4pm local time.
  • Mail-in Absentee
    • Now through 11:59PM ET October 9 – Online absentee request portal open
    • November 3 – date by which mail-in absentee ballot must be postmarked
    • 6:00PM local time, November 6 – date by which absentee ballot must be received
  • Early In-Person Voting
    • October 13 – November 2 – Early in-person voting conducted (not on Sundays)
  • In-Person Election Day Voting
    • 6:00AM – 6:00PM, local time – In-person voting conducted